108 Introducing the 108

Peugeot 108

Small but perfect in every way, the new Peugeot 108 is a vehicle that is bursting with personality and a lust for life. With a host of trim levels, a bold palette of colours, and some of the best technology to be found in a small city car, this model is a standout performer for those seeking an agile and capable runaround.

Discover the new Peugeot 108 The French carmaker has long had a flair for design, and the new Peugeot 108 is a model that perfectly encapsulates such quality. The compact dimensions belie the capabilities of the vehicle, whose exterior and interior finishes are among the finest in its class. It also comes with a host of fuel efficient engines while technology such as a reversing camera and smartphone integration lend the vehicle a sense of true class.
Safe and secure The new Peugeot 108 is a small model that doesn’t compromise. This is no more obvious than in the safety measures fitted to the vehicle, which ensure that each and every journey is one that can be taken with complete peace of mind. Automatic headlights, six airbags, and a reversing camera are among those measures designed to protect you and others.
Engaging technology A colour touchscreen is your central hub of activity, connecting to your smartphone via Mirror Screen technology. As such, you will be able to stream all your audio entertainment and manage your communications from a compatible smartphone running Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. You can rest assured that every drive will be as fun and engaging as the last.
Open up to the elements Such is the array of trim levels available in the latest 108 lineup, you’ll even be able to find an edition that features a retractable fabric roof. Such a feature enables you to take to the road and experience the summer sun like never before.