RYC Terms

JOE NORRIS MOTORS Reserve Your Car Terms & Conditions

Reserving your car online at JOE NORRIS MOTORS On our website you can search our range of new and used vehicles. Once you have made your choice, you can reserve your chosen car by paying a deposit of €250.00. Once you have reserved your car online and when we receive your deposit we will then contact you by telephone call or through email to confirm your order. JOE NORRIS MOTORS will reserve the car for you for a 2 day period. If you decide not to purchase the vehicle after 2 days, your deposit is then fully refundable. If you decide to reserve a vehicle by paying the €250.00 reservation fee, you will be asked to enter your personal and payment card details. If you would prefer not to use the online process but would still like to purchase one of the vehicles shown, please contact us for further assistance on 046-9021312.

Buying with Finance If you decide to reserve a vehicle online and then buy on finance and your finance application is declined JOE NORRIS MOTORS will then refund your deposit unless you have an alternative way to fund the vehicle you have chosen.

JOE NORRIS MOTORS reserve the right at any point to unreserve the vehicle. If we choose to do this you will receive a full refund.

Ph: 046-9021312 or email [email protected]